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16ft West Kerry Currach w/ Leeboards

Seán Carney from the UK sent these pictures to us at Leeboards.com in August 2014 of his Currach which he has adapted for sailing.

He states that more work needs to be done with the Leeboards and at present he's working on a slightly wider teardrop design.

He uses a false thwart clamped to the gunnels, the boards are then clamped to brackets and fastened with clamping handles.

The craft is cettainly unique and Seán states that he has many admirers there on the coast of North Yorkshire UK.

Currachs with leeboards are for sailing

Currachs with leeboards are for sailing

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Disclaimer: Always wear life preservers, drink and party responsibly, sail at your own risk, and please pass the word that leeboard sailing is now a blast from the past that will soon be in the news as being the latest sailing craze.